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A & A Removals – Terms & Conditions

These conditions explain  our terms conditions, your rights, obligations and responsibilities and those of “A & A Removals”

1. Our removal quotation is an estimated price based on information you have provided to us. We may change this price if any of the following have not been taken into account when preparing our quotation:

a. We have to deliver/collect goods above or below ground or 1st floor.

b. We supply any extra services other than discussed.

c. Stairs, lifts or doorways are inadequate for free movement of goods.

d. We cannot get our vehicle to within 15metres of site entrance and access to items in site is greater than 15metres.

e. Parking or other fees.

f. There are delays or events outside our reasonable control.

g. Change of moving date by you to a Saturday, Sunday or Bank Holiday.

2. Our staff are not qualified or authorised to undertake any work such as furniture dismantling assembling, connecting or disconnecting of appliances, fixtures, fittings etc or interfering with in any way, and if agree to do so will be at your liability completely and subject to our rate current hourly rates –  pro-rata.

3. It will be your responsibility to :

a. Ensure all small goods are adequately packed in strong stackable sealed boxes/containers if not using our packing service.

b. Ensure all delicate and fragile surfaces are not left exposed.

c. Be present or represented throughout the removal.

d.Take all reasonable steps to ensure that nothing to be removed is left behind or taken in error.

e. Ensure no possessions of yours are left in our vehicles when finally departing.

f. Advise us prior to our arrival of any facts or circumstances that  to your knowledge could increase the time needed to satisfactorily  complete your removal.

g. Where you require our packing service please ensure everything is in readiness and that our staff are un-encumbered.

h. ensure all items are in a fit state to be moved, including washing machine with  transit bars in place etc.

4.  We reserve the right to charge 50% of the removal cost if we do not receive a minimum of 24 hours notice of cancellation and to charge waiting time if the starting/unloading time is delayed by you or your agents within 24 hours of due commencement. Charged at £15/man/hour.

5. We are a self- insured company and  hereby agree to compensate for any loss/damage to your property whilst in the process of your removal subject to the following: £10,000 TOTALGOODS, £1,000 MAX/SINGLE ITEM, £50 CUSTOMER EXCESS.

a. Damage/loss due to our negligence only where free ,un-restricted movement is possible.

b. Small goods must be adequately packed/wrapped within strong, sealed boxes/containers.

c. Electrical mal-function must be as a result of evident physical damage and pointed out by you at the time.

d. In the event of damage to which we are liable we may choose to either have repaired (the least of 3 reasonable quotes), replace, or compensate to your satisfaction up to the present time value-not new for old.

e. Limitations as stated above.

f. You must inspect your goods for damage and report any such damage to driver in charge of your removal before we depart your property or at latest within 48 hours.

6. The following items are specifically excluded from this contract:

Damage caused by leakages or spillages of any contents due to in-adequate packing/sealing(unless packed by ourselves) or as a result of connecting appliances.

Jewellery, watches, trinkets, precious stones or metals, money, deeds, securities, stamps, coins or collections of similarkind,pianos,data loss -computer systems, plants, livestock, antiquity value.

Any situation whereby goods have to be forced through doorways, stairways etc..

Your booking is deemed your acceptance of these terms and conditions in full

7. Please bear in mind that it is your responsibility to make sure you know the size of van /s allocated for your removal – a clear picture of typical vans used by us, along with approx. dimensions and volumes is shown on our : Removal Van Sizes page

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